What Marijuana Detox Is Like?

When heavy smokers of marijuana decide to quit, they suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The immense number of sufferers has lead the American Psychiatric Association to add marijuana detox syndrome to the fifth edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2013.

Countless studies have been conducted to understand what marijuana detox is like. Two of the most prominent researchers in this field are Alan Budney from Dartmouth and Ryan Vandrey from Johns Hopkins. Their studies have shown that marijuana detox feels a lot like nicotine withdrawal. The intensity of marijuana withdrawal syndrome is classified as flu-like, but may reach the same intensity as nicotine withdrawal syndrome.

marijuana withdrawal

Marijuana detox symptoms show up when there is an abrupt withdrawal from marijuana after using it for a long period of time. These symptoms include nervousness, irascibility, and insomnia. Budney and Vandrey’s research have demonstrated that marijuana detox produces the same symptoms as nicotine withdrawal, but the degrees of which vary significantly.

Marijuana detox symptoms manifest shortly after going cold turkey from the substance and peak between the second and tenth day. Depending on the length and intensity of use, marijuana withdrawal syndrome may last between 2 weeks to 4 months. Aside from those previously mentioned, symptoms may also consist of violence, hostile behavior, depression, and appetite loss. Physically, the patient will suffer from chills, intense headaches, fever, stomachaches, profuse sweating, and shakiness. The seriousness of these symptoms may hinder the person from carrying out tasks at work and in social events.

People who know someone who have tried quitting drugs, smoking, and other addictions can attest to the extreme irritability and anxiety of that person. Those undergoing marijuana detox are experiencing the same things. They hate being around other people, and most people prefer to avoid them and their bad temper. Their compulsive behaviors cause suffering to themselves and those people around them. The symptoms affect the patient’s logical thinking and reasoning.

When going through marijuana detox, it is tough for the patient to concentrate and engage in social activities whether with family, friends, or colleagues. There is always the compulsion to give in to the craving and smoke. When the person fails to stop this urge, it leads to relapse. This usually happens when, due to lack of information, the patient did not expect to encounter the horrible withdrawal symptoms.

Since marijuana detox leads to a series of challenging physical and psychological issues, the patient is likely to feel pessimism somewhere within the journey towards complete recuperation. Becoming pessimistic – having the feeling of hopelessness – makes relapse extremely likely. It is agonizing to tackle a tough situation if one is ill-prepared.

The effects of marijuana detox do not include severe medical and psychiatric effects. The symptoms are milder than nicotine, heroin, and alcohol withdrawal syndromes. Despite these facts, a substantial number of patient reports recommend further study to better understand marijuana withdrawal syndrome. There is still a great need for effective clinical practices to improve the chances of successful detoxification attempts.

What Are The Best Drinks For Marijuana Detox?

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marijuana detox drinks
Marijuana detox drinks are designed to cleanse the body's system of the remnants of the drugs. These remnants go by the name of metabolites, and are left over from the main ingredient of cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. These drinks are effective in getting rid of these remnants, enabling you to pass a urine drug test. The drinks work in several different ways, by diluting the strength of your urine, removing and flushing any toxins as well as masking any THC remnants that may still be in your system. The drinks will also give your urine a more natural yellow color.

Here are some tried and trusted marijuana detox drinks:

Herbal Clean

This extra strength detox drink comes in a range of flavors and is designed for those who may be heavier in weight (over 180 pounds), as well as heavy or recent users.

Ultra Mask

A fast acting drink that comes in different flavors, including cherry red and mandarin orange, Ultra Mask is full of ingredients such as herbs and vitamins that will flush out your system within one hour, allowing you to pass a urine test.

Vale's Solution

Ready to drink straight out of the bottle, Vales Solution is a detox supplement that is effective in flushing out all the toxins from your body. Ingredients such as creatine monohydrate and vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) help to replace what your body loses whilst the cleansing is going on.

ZYDOT Ultimate Blend

Most effective when taken after consuming low levels of food and drink, Zydot Ultimate Blend is packed full of natural ingredients such as herbs, B-vitamins, fibers and creatine. Designed to work within one hour, it effectively flushes drug metabolites and toxins out of the system.

So, why would you need to use a weed detox drink?

There are many different reasons why a detox beverage can be beneficial for your body and here are the main benefits:

Drug testing.

Many people at some point in their life are requested to take a drug test and usually it is a urinalysis. Perhaps, occasionally you take the test in connection with your current or potential job, so you know that this procedure undoubtedly affects your whole life, because if you fail it, you can find yourself suddenly unemployed. Marijuana detox drinks are very effective in flushing out the THC metabolites from your urinary tract as well as in cleansing body from other toxins, making you confident in taking the urine test without any disturbance of failing.

Cleansing the system.

Over time toxins build up in the body and although our system has its own natural way of detoxifying, it often gets overwhelmed with numerous toxins we absorb from different kinds of sources. Obviously, drugs are one of them, but toxins can also permeate into our bodies from unhealthy foods as well as medications, alcohol, polluted air etc. High quality detox drinks, taken regularly will help flush out all of these impurities from the body, making you feeling invigorated and healthy.

To kick-start a diet.

Those who want to lose some weight will also benefit from detoxifying products as cleansing the system is definitely a great way to start a diet. Detoxing is a well-documented method of shedding the extra pounds in the first couple of weeks while dieting, that will leave you feeling more energetic as well as boosting a slow metabolism. Try our purifying detox drinks at the beginning of your diet and you will feel the benefits even sooner than you expect.

Ingredients of THC detox drinks:

Usually specified products include extracts from well-known healing herbs or plants, for example Echinacea Purpurea Leaf, Milk Thistle Seed, Guarana Seed etc. Also, they can include Vegetable Glycerine, Fructose, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate and various natural flavors.